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Tickmill Rebate

Rebate Rate: 5% discount on commission (pay 3.8 eur/rtl instead of 4 eur/rtl on Exchange accounts)
Why Tickmill (Previously Armada Markets)?
We have a direct partnership connection with Tickmill so our clients will get lower spreads directly from them! There is no need for unnecessary monthly rebate transfers to your e-account because you get better trading conditions right away when you register your trading account trough our link to Tickmill.
Tickmill is a true LMAX partner trying to provide the lowest spreads and best trading conditions for traders with full STP and DMA execution. The company is a fully registered forex exchange and metals broker by the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Estonia (country of European Union and the Eurozone).
  1. Register a new Tickmill account with this link
  2. Verify and fund your account
  3. You will get lower spreads directly from Tickmill
You open an Exchange account with 4 eur round turn lot commission. If you open yourtrading account trough us, you pay only 3.8 eur / rtl commission. That's 5% less. You immediately get better trading conditions for your scalping EA's.
Tickmill is currently one of the most reputable brokers for using tick-scalping EA's. They offer their clients accounts with lowest spreads in the world. Trade executions is remarkable even during high impact news, you won't get slippage in pips like with any other broker but only in points. It's really a dream broker for scalping without any limitations. Ever heard of positive slippage? Probably not, because brokers usually take the difference from positive slippage and give you the exact Take Profit price but this broker will give you all even with positive slippage, because your orders are executed and processed in the real market. Care about clients and superb trading conditions, that's all what Tickmill is about.